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Family Relationship Centres (FRC)

Where and when:

  • Mt Gravatt Family Relationship Centre – advice session Tuesday mornings each fortnight
  • Logan Family Relationship Centre – advice sessions Thursday mornings once a month

What support does WLSQ provide at FRCs?
WLSQ partners with the FRCs in Mt Gravatt and Logan to offer discrete legal advice to women who are going through the mediation process at either centre.

Who can WLSQ help at FRCs?
Women going through the mediation process at:

  • Mt Gravatt Family Relationship Centre; or
  • Logan Family Relationship Centre

How can WLSQ help at the FRCs?
WLSQ provides free legal advice for women going through the mediation process in relation to domestic and family violence, and family separation or divorce. The advice provided at the FRCs is discrete legal advice, but the WLSQ team will refer women to other WLSQ programs or other services if appropriate.

How can services refer women?
Services cannot provide warm referrals to the WLSQ FRC clinics. Appointments are made by the Mt Gravatt or Logan FRC. Please ask them to enquire directly with the relevant centre.

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